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    Empowering Humanity to Thrive
    - Insufficiency of funding for covid-19 initiatives.
    - Shortage of access to tests and vaccines
    - Need of multilateral crisis response
    - Shortfall of covid-19 based technology
    - Response to global financial crisis
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    Become te new gold standard for personalized health by delivering 1 billion tests globally by 2026
    TrustPass is a new trusted global health system. We are building safe comunities bringing together health an technology. We will overcome the global impacts caused by the effects of covid-19. We are reimaining the future of global health for a better tomorrow.
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    Covid & wellness testing solutions
    Responding quickly to the needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, we´ll build continuous, long-term relationships between governments, multinationals, and labs. We believe in the true power of individuals uniting in response to the needs in a healthcare system.